Deduplication Ratio Calculator


About Deduplication Ratio Calculator (Formula)

The Deduplication Ratio Calculator is a tool that helps determine the deduplication ratio of backed-up data. Deduplication is a technique used in data storage and backup systems to eliminate duplicate copies of data, optimizing storage capacity and reducing redundancy.

The deduplication ratio is a measure of how effectively the deduplication process reduces the amount of data stored. It is calculated by dividing the total capacity of the backed-up data before removing duplicates (CBB) by the capacity after the backup is complete (CAB).

The formula for calculating the deduplication ratio is as follows:

Deduplication Ratio (DEDR) = CBB / CAB

The CBB represents the total size or capacity of the data before deduplication, which includes all the duplicate copies. It indicates the amount of storage space required if duplicates were not eliminated.

On the other hand, CAB represents the size or capacity of the data after the deduplication process has been applied. This value reflects the reduced storage requirements achieved by eliminating duplicate data blocks.

By dividing CBB by CAB, the deduplication ratio is obtained. This ratio indicates how much the data has been deduplicated and provides insights into the efficiency of the deduplication process. A higher deduplication ratio signifies a greater reduction in data storage requirements, indicating better deduplication efficiency.

For example, if the CBB is 500 GB and the CAB is 100 GB, the deduplication ratio would be 5 (500 GB / 100 GB). This means that the deduplication process achieved a 5x reduction in storage capacity, eliminating 80% of duplicate data.

The deduplication ratio is an essential metric in backup and storage systems as it helps evaluate the effectiveness of deduplication techniques and assess the overall storage efficiency. Higher deduplication ratios indicate better utilization of storage resources, leading to cost savings and improved performance.

The Deduplication Ratio Calculator provides a convenient way to compute this ratio by simply entering the values of CBB and CAB. It enables users to gauge the impact of deduplication on their data storage requirements and make informed decisions regarding backup strategies and storage optimization.

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