Decking Area Calculator


About Decking Area Calculator (Formula)

The Decking Area Calculator is a tool used to determine the area of a deck in square feet. The formula for calculating the decking area is simple:

 DA = DL * DW

The variables used in this formula are as follows:

  • DA: Decking Area in square feet
  • DL: Deck Length in feet
  • DW: Deck Width in feet

To use the calculator, simply input the deck length and width values in feet, and the tool will automatically calculate the decking area in square feet.

Calculating the decking area is important when planning a decking project, as it allows for accurate measurement of the materials needed, such as decking boards, joists, and screws. By using a Decking Area Calculator, homeowners and contractors can avoid material shortages and over-ordering, ultimately saving time and money.

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