Cycling Weight Loss Calculator


About Cycling Weight Loss Calculator (Formula)

The Cycling Weight Loss Calculator is a tool used to estimate the number of calories burned during cycling and its potential impact on weight loss. It aids in setting fitness goals and planning cycling routines for weight management. The formula for calculating calories burned during cycling involves considering factors such as the cyclist’s weight, cycling speed, and duration of the ride.

Formula for calculating calories burned during cycling:

Calories Burned = (MET * Weight in kg * Duration in hours)

In this formula, “MET” represents the Metabolic Equivalent of Task, which is a unit that measures the energy expenditure of an activity, and it varies depending on the intensity of cycling. The weight of the cyclist is measured in kilograms, and the duration of the cycling session is expressed in hours.

For example, let’s say a cyclist weighing 70 kilograms cycles at a moderate speed, which has a MET value of 6, for 1.5 hours. The calories burned would be calculated as follows:

Calories Burned = (6 * 70 kg * 1.5 hours) = 630 calories

This means that the cyclist would burn approximately 630 calories during the cycling session.

The Cycling Weight Loss Calculator simplifies the process of estimating calories burned during cycling, aiding individuals in planning effective workout routines for weight loss and overall fitness. By inputting weight, cycling speed, and duration, the calculator quickly provides the estimated calories burned, helping users set realistic weight loss goals and track their progress during cycling workouts.

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