Cost Per Therm Calculator


About Cost Per Therm Calculator (Formula)

The Cost Per Therm Calculator is a tool designed to help individuals calculate the cost per therm for a given energy source or utility. The cost per therm represents the price paid for each unit of energy consumed, specifically in relation to natural gas or other therm-based energy sources.

The calculator utilizes the following formula to calculate the cost per therm:

CPTH = TC / (V / 1000)

Where: CPTH represents the cost per therm ($/therm), TC refers to the total cost ($), V denotes the volume of the energy source (ft³).

To use the Cost Per Therm Calculator, you need to input the total cost and the volume of the energy source. The calculator will then perform the calculation using the provided formula to determine the cost per therm.

The formula divides the total cost by the volume converted to therms (V/1000) to calculate the cost per therm. This conversion is necessary to ensure the units align properly.

It’s important to note that the Cost Per Therm Calculator provides an estimate of the cost per therm based on the given inputs. It assumes that the total cost and volume provided are accurate and representative of the energy source. Additionally, it assumes a specific conversion factor for the volume to therms. It’s advisable to consult with utility companies or energy providers to obtain accurate conversion factors and rates for a precise cost per therm calculation.

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