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About Cost Per Page Calculator (Formula)

A “Cost Per Page Calculator” is a tool used to estimate the cost incurred for printing a single page of a document. This calculator is helpful in assessing the printing expenses associated with various types of documents, whether they are text-heavy, graphics-intensive, or a combination of both. The formula for calculating the cost per page provides insights into the total cost of consumables, such as ink or toner, required to produce a single printed page.

The formula for calculating Cost Per Page is:

Cost Per Page = (Cost of Consumables) / Number of Pages Printed


  • Cost Per Page is the cost incurred to print a single page of the document.
  • Cost of Consumables is the total expense of ink or toner cartridges required to print the specified number of pages.
  • Number of Pages Printed is the total number of pages in the document or print job.

This formula divides the total cost of consumables by the number of pages printed to determine the average cost associated with printing each individual page.

For example, if the cost of consumables for printing a set of 10 inkjet printer pages is $20, the cost per page would be:

Cost Per Page = $20 / 10 = $2

This means that it costs $2 to print each page on average.

The Cost Per Page Calculator is useful for individuals and businesses that want to manage their printing costs and make informed decisions about printing documents. It helps in comparing the cost-effectiveness of different printers, consumables, and printing methods.

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