Corrosion Rate Calculator


About Corrosion Rate Calculator (Formula)

The Corrosion Rate Calculator is a tool used to determine the rate at which a metal corrodes based on certain parameters. Corrosion rate refers to the speed at which metal undergoes deterioration due to chemical reactions with its environment. This calculation is important in assessing the durability and lifespan of metal structures and materials.

The formula used to calculate the corrosion rate is as follows:

COR = W / (D * A * T)


  • COR represents the Corrosion Rate in millimeters per year (mm/year).
  • W denotes the metal weight loss in milligrams (mg). It refers to the amount of metal that has been corroded or degraded.
  • D represents the metal density in grams per cubic millimeter (g/mm³). It indicates the mass of metal per unit volume.
  • A denotes the area of the sample in square millimeters (mm²). It refers to the exposed surface area of the metal.
  • T represents the total time of exposure in years. It refers to the duration of the corrosion process.

To use the Corrosion Rate Calculator, you need to input the values for metal weight loss (W), metal density (D), area of the sample (A), and total time (T). After entering the values, click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will apply the formula to determine the corrosion rate. The result is presented in millimeters per year (mm/year), representing the average thickness reduction of the metal due to corrosion.

By utilising the Corrosion Rate Calculator, engineers, scientists, and maintenance professionals can assess the degree of corrosion and make informed decisions regarding material selection, protective coatings, and maintenance strategies. It aids in evaluating the effectiveness of corrosion prevention measures and identifying potential risks associated with metal degradation. This calculator plays a significant role in ensuring the integrity and longevity of metal structures and materials in various industries.

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