Corner Frequency Calculator


About Corner Frequency Calculator (Formula)

The Corner Frequency Calculator is a tool used to calculate the corner frequency based on the given corner resistance and corner capacitance values. The corner frequency refers to the frequency at which a circuit’s response begins to roll off or attenuate.

The formula used to calculate the corner frequency is as follows:

Corner Frequency (fc) = 1 / (2 * π * R * C)

In this formula, “R” represents the corner resistance measured in ohms, and “C” represents the corner capacitance measured in Farads. The corner frequency is calculated by taking the reciprocal of the product of 2, π (pi), the corner resistance, and the corner capacitance.

For example, if the corner resistance is 100 ohms and the corner capacitance is 10 microfarads (μF), the corner frequency can be calculated as:

Corner Frequency = 1 / (2 * π * 100 * 10e-6) ≈ 159.155 Hz

Therefore, in this example, the corner frequency would be approximately 159.155 Hz.

The Corner Frequency Calculator simplifies this calculation process, allowing users to quickly determine the corner frequency based on the provided resistance and capacitance values. It is commonly used in fields such as electrical engineering and electronics to analyze and design circuits, particularly in applications where frequency response and filtering play a crucial role.

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