Copper Power Calculator


About Copper Power Calculator (Formula)

A Copper Power Calculator is a tool used to calculate the power loss or heat generated in a copper conductor due to electrical resistance. This calculator is essential in electrical engineering and design to ensure proper conductor sizing, minimize power losses, and prevent overheating in electrical systems.

The formula for calculating power loss in a copper conductor involves the resistance of the conductor, current flowing through it, and the square of the current:

Power Loss = I^2 × R


  • Power Loss is the heat generated or power dissipated in the conductor, usually measured in watts (W).
  • I represents the current flowing through the conductor, often measured in amperes (A).
  • R is the resistance of the copper conductor, typically measured in ohms (Ω).

To use the Copper Power Calculator formula, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the current flowing through the copper conductor.
  2. Determine the resistance of the copper conductor. This can be calculated using the formula R = ρ × (L / A), where ρ is the resistivity of copper, L is the length of the conductor, and A is its cross-sectional area.
  3. Square the value of the current (I^2).
  4. Multiply the squared current by the resistance to calculate the power loss: Power Loss = I^2 × R.
  5. Calculate the power loss. The result indicates the heat generated or power dissipated in the copper conductor due to resistance.

Copper power loss calculations are crucial for ensuring that conductors are appropriately sized to handle the current without excessive heat generation, which can lead to efficiency losses, equipment damage, and safety hazards.

Keep in mind that other factors, such as ambient temperature and conductor bundling, can also impact power loss calculations.

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