Compressed Air Velocity Calculator


About Compressed Air Velocity Calculator (Formula)

The Compressed Air Velocity Calculator is a tool used to determine the velocity of compressed air flowing through a pipe. Compressed air velocity is an important parameter in various applications, such as pneumatic systems and industrial processes.

The formula used to calculate the compressed air velocity is:

Vca = Q / (60 * π * (d/24)^2)

In this formula, “Vca” represents the compressed air velocity in feet per second, “Q” represents the air flow rate in cubic feet per minute (CFM), “π” represents the mathematical constant pi (approximately 3.14159), and “d” represents the diameter of the pipe in inches.

To use the Compressed Air Velocity Calculator, you need to input the air flow rate (CFM) and the diameter of the pipe (inches) into the provided input fields. Once you click the “Calculate Velocity” button, the calculator applies the formula and computes the compressed air velocity. The result is then displayed on the screen.

The calculator simplifies the process of determining the compressed air velocity, eliminating the need for manual calculations. By knowing the velocity, you can assess the efficiency and performance of pneumatic systems, ensure proper air flow rates, and make informed decisions in designing or optimizing compressed air systems.

The Compressed Air Velocity Calculator is useful for engineers, technicians, and professionals working in industries that utilize compressed air, providing them with a quick and accurate means of calculating the velocity and optimizing their system’s operation.

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