Completion Percentage Calculator


About Completion Percentage Calculator (Formula)

A Completion Percentage Calculator is a tool used to determine the percentage of a task or project that has been completed based on the amount of work that has already been finished in relation to the total work that needs to be done. This can be useful for tracking progress and setting goals for various activities.

The formula to calculate the completion percentage is quite straightforward:

Completion Percentage = (Completed Work / Total Work) * 100


  • Completed Work: The amount of work that has been successfully finished or accomplished.
  • Total Work: The entire amount of work that needs to be done for the task or project.

You multiply the ratio of completed work to total work by 100 to get the completion percentage as a whole number. This number represents the portion of the task that has been completed as a percentage of the total task.

For example, if you’ve completed 200 out of 500 tasks in a project, the completion percentage would be:

Completion Percentage = (200 / 500) * 100 = 40%

So, in this case, you would have completed 40% of the project.

This formula can be applied to various scenarios, such as tracking the completion of tasks in a project management tool, evaluating student progress in a course, or measuring the completion of goals in personal development plans.

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