Clamping Force Calculator

About Clamping Force Calculator (Formula)

The Clamping Force Calculator is a tool that uses the Clamping Force Formula to calculate the axial clamping force of a bolt. Clamping force is the amount of force that is applied to a joint to hold the two pieces together.

The Clamping Force Formula is based on the torque applied to the bolt, friction of the bolt contact, and diameter of the bolt.

The formula is F=T/K∗D

where F is the clamping force, T is the torque applied to the bolt, K is the friction of the bolt contact and D is the diameter of the bolt. By inputting the values for these factors into the calculator, the user can quickly and easily determine the clamping force,

which can be useful for determining the appropriate torque for a bolt in a specific application, and for other applications in mechanical engineering, physics and other fields.

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