Carpet Area Calculator


About Carpet Area Calculator (Formula)

The Carpet Area Calculator is a tool used to calculate the total carpet area of a room or a space, providing an estimate of the usable floor area without including walls or non-usable spaces. It aids in space planning and determining the amount of carpet or flooring material required. The formula for calculating the carpet area involves considering the length and width of the room.

Formula for calculating carpet area:

Carpet Area = Length × Width

In this formula, “Length” represents the length of the room or space, and “Width” represents the width or breadth of the area.

For example, let’s say a room has a length of 10 feet and a width of 8 feet. The carpet area would be calculated as follows:

Carpet Area = 10 feet × 8 feet = 80 square feet

This means that the carpet area of the room is 80 square feet.

The Carpet Area Calculator simplifies the process of determining the usable floor area, aiding architects, interior designers, and homeowners in space planning and estimating the required carpet or flooring material.

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