Capacity Cushion Calculator


About Capacity Cushion Calculator (Formula)

The Capacity Cushion Calculator is a tool used to calculate the capacity cushion based on the inputs of spare capacity and total capacity.

The formula used in the calculator is:

Capacity Cushion (CC) = (Spare Capacity / Total Capacity) * 100


  • CC represents the capacity cushion as a percentage.
  • Spare Capacity refers to the amount of unused or available capacity.
  • Total Capacity represents the total capacity available.

By inputting the values for spare capacity and total capacity, the calculator calculates the capacity cushion using the provided formula. The capacity cushion is calculated as the ratio of spare capacity to total capacity, expressed as a percentage.

The Capacity Cushion Calculator is helpful in capacity planning and management. It provides insights into the available buffer or cushion in a system’s capacity, allowing for effective resource allocation and planning. By assessing the capacity cushion, organizations can better manage workload fluctuations, handle additional demand, and ensure operational efficiency.

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