Calories Burned Dancing Calculator


About Calories Burned Dancing Calculator (Formula)

Calories Burned Dancing Calculator calculates how many calories are burned while dancing based on the duration and intensity of the dance.

The formula used is as follows:

C = 800 * IF * T / 60


  • C is the number of calories burned
  • IF is the intensity factor of the dancing
  • T is the total number of minutes spent dancing

Based on research by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the intensity factor (IF) value utilized in this formula represents the amount of energy a dancer expends compared to resting. The IF values are as follows:

Low intensity: IF = 0.333
Moderate intensity: IF = 0.666
High intensity: IF = 1

With the Calories Burned Dancing Calculator, simply enter the amount of time spent dancing and select the intensity level. The calculator will then use the formula to calculate how many calories were burned.

In addition, the formula may not be accurate for everyone because it is an estimate. In addition to age, weight, gender, and metabolism, the number of calories burned during physical activity can vary widely. As a result, the formula gives a good estimate of the energy expenditure associated with dancing at a variety of intensity levels, making it an excellent tool for tracking physical activity and calorie consumption.

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