Budget Variance Calculator


About Budget Variance Calculator (Formula)

The Budget Variance Calculator is a tool designed to assess the variance between a forecasted budget and the actual cost incurred. It provides valuable insights into the financial performance of a project or an organization by measuring the deviation from the expected budget.

The formula used to calculate the budget variance is as follows:

Budget Variance (%) = ((Actual Cost – Forecasted Budget) / Forecasted Budget) * 100

This formula calculates the percentage difference between the actual cost and the forecasted budget. The numerator, (Actual Cost – Forecasted Budget), represents the variance in monetary terms. Dividing this variance by the forecasted budget gives us the relative difference as a proportion of the original budget. Finally, multiplying the result by 100 provides the variance percentage.

Additionally, the absolute variance can be calculated using the formula:

Absolute Variance = Actual Cost – Forecasted Budget

The absolute variance represents the difference between the actual cost and the forecasted budget without considering the percentage relationship.

By using the Budget Variance Calculator, individuals and organizations can gain a clearer understanding of their financial performance. Positive variances indicate that the actual cost is lower than expected, which can signify cost savings or efficient resource allocation. Conversely, negative variances suggest that the actual cost exceeds the forecasted budget, potentially indicating overspending or unexpected expenses.

Analysing budget variances empowers decision-makers to identify areas of concern, make informed adjustments to their financial plans, and take proactive measures to improve future budgeting and cost management.

Please note that the Budget Variance Calculator relies on accurate and reliable input data to provide meaningful results. It is essential to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the forecasted budget and actual cost values for a comprehensive analysis of the budget variance.

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