Break Even Sales Calculator


About Break Even Sales Calculator (Formula)

A Break-Even Sales Calculator is a tool used in business and finance to determine the level of sales needed for a company to cover its costs and reach the break-even point. This point represents the balance between total costs and total revenue, indicating when a business starts making a profit.

The formula to calculate the break-even point in terms of sales is as follows:

Break-Even Sales Quantity = Fixed Costs / (Selling Price per Unit – Variable Costs per Unit)


  • Break-Even Sales Quantity: The number of units that need to be sold to cover costs and reach the break-even point.
  • Fixed Costs: The total costs that do not change with the level of production or sales.
  • Selling Price per Unit: The price at which each unit is sold.
  • Variable Costs per Unit: The costs that vary with each unit produced and sold.

This formula considers both fixed and variable costs, as well as the price at which products are sold. By plugging in the appropriate values, businesses can determine the minimum number of units they need to sell to avoid losses and start making a profit.

For example, let’s say a company has fixed costs of $50,000, a selling price of $20 per unit, and variable costs of $8 per unit. To calculate the break-even sales quantity:

Break-Even Sales Quantity = $50,000 / ($20 – $8) = $50,000 / $12.00 = 4166.67

Rounded up, the company would need to sell approximately 4167 units to reach the break-even point.

The Break-Even Sales Calculator is valuable for businesses when making pricing decisions, setting sales targets, and understanding the financial feasibility of a product or service. It provides insights into the point at which a business transitions from losses to profits and helps in planning strategies for growth and profitability.

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