Bohr Calculator


About Bohr Calculator (Formula)

The Bohr Calculator is a tool used to calculate the angular momentum of an electron in an atom based on Bohr’s model. It employs the formula derived from Bohr’s model to determine the angular momentum.

The formula used is as follows:

Angular Momentum (L) = (n * h) / (2 * π)

In this formula, “n” represents the principal quantum number, which specifies the energy level of the electron. “h” represents Planck’s constant, and “π” represents the mathematical constant pi. By substituting the value of the principal quantum number into the formula, the calculator provides the resulting angular momentum.

This calculator is beneficial for understanding the quantum properties of electrons in atoms and their energy levels. It allows users to determine the angular momentum associated with different energy levels, enabling a deeper comprehension of atomic structure and the behaviour of electrons.

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