Binocular Distance Calculator


About Binocular Distance Calculator (Formula)

Binocular Distance Calculator is a tool used to calculate the distance between an observer and a distant object using the height of the object and its angular height as seen through a binocular or other similar optical instrument.

The formula used in the Binocular Distance Calculator is:

BD = OH / AH * 1000

where BD is the Binocular Distance in feet, OH is the Object Height in feet, and AH is the Angular Height of the object in degrees.

To use this formula, the observer first needs to measure the height of the object and the angular height it subtends as seen through the binoculars. The angular height is the angle between the top and bottom of the object as seen through the binoculars, and it can be measured using a protractor or a similar instrument.

Once these two values are known, they can be entered into the Binocular Distance Calculator, which then calculates the Binocular Distance in feet. The result gives an estimate of how far away the object is from the observer, assuming that the object is vertical and the observer is at ground level.

The Binocular Distance Calculator can be used for a variety of applications, including nature observation, hunting, and surveillance. It is a simple and useful tool for anyone who uses binoculars or other optical instruments to view distant objects.

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