Asphalt Weight Calculator


About Asphalt Weight Calculator (Formula)

The Asphalt Weight Calculator is a handy tool designed to assist in determining the weight of asphalt based on the area and depth of coverage. It provides a simple and efficient way to estimate the amount of asphalt required for a given project. This calculator utilises the following formula to calculate the asphalt weight:

Asphalt Weight (in pounds) = Asphalt Area (in square feet) * Asphalt Depth (in inches) / 12 * 145

The formula takes into account the area of the surface to be paved with asphalt and the desired depth of coverage in inches. The Asphalt Area is measured in square feet, while the Asphalt Depth is measured in inches. By multiplying the area by the depth and dividing by 12 to convert inches to feet, we obtain the volume of asphalt needed in cubic feet. Finally, the result is multiplied by the density factor of 145 pounds per cubic foot to determine the asphalt weight in pounds.

Using the Asphalt Weight Calculator, you can conveniently input the area and depth values, and with a simple click of the “Calculate” button, the calculator will provide you with the estimated asphalt weight in pounds. This information is invaluable for planning and budgeting purposes, enabling you to procure the appropriate amount of asphalt for your project, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your paving endeavours.

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