Arrow Force Calculator


About Arrow Force Calculator (Formula)

The Arrow Force Calculator is a tool that calculates the force of an arrow based on its mass, velocity, and stopping distance.

The formula used by the calculator is:

AF = 1/2 * m * V^2 / d

Where AF is the arrow force in Newtons (N), m is the mass of the arrow in kilograms (kg), V is the velocity of the arrow in meters per second (m/s), and d is the stopping distance in meters (m).

The formula is based on the principle of work and energy, which states that the work done on an object is equal to the change in its kinetic energy. In this case, the work done on the arrow is equal to the force required to stop it over a given distance.

The formula is derived by equating the work done on the arrow to its initial kinetic energy:

W = 1/2 * m * V^2

And then solving for the force:

F = W / d = 1/2 * m * V^2 / d

This formula is useful for archers and bowhunters who want to determine the force of their arrows for various hunting scenarios. It can also be used by engineers and researchers to study the mechanics of arrows and their impact on targets.

The Arrow Force Calculator provides a quick and easy way to calculate arrow force and can help archers and bowhunters make informed decisions about the type of arrows they use and the hunting scenarios they engage in.

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