Angle of Acceleration Calculator


About Angle of Acceleration Calculator (Formula)

The Angle of Acceleration Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the angle of acceleration given the horizontal and vertical components of acceleration. The angle of acceleration refers to the direction in which an object’s velocity is changing due to the influence of acceleration.

The formula used by the calculator to determine the angle of acceleration is as follows:

a = ATAN(Ay/Ax)


  • a represents the angle of acceleration,
  • ATAN is the arctangent function, and
  • Ay and Ax represent the vertical and horizontal components of acceleration, respectively.

To calculate the angle of acceleration, the user needs to input the values of the horizontal and vertical components of acceleration into the calculator. The components should be provided in units of meters per second squared (m/s^2).

Once the values are entered, the calculator utilizes the formula to calculate the angle. It uses the Math.atan() function in JavaScript to find the arctangent of the vertical component divided by the horizontal component. The result is then converted from radians to degrees by multiplying it by (180 / Math.PI). The calculated angle is finally displayed to the user.

The Angle of Acceleration Calculator can be a useful tool in various physics and engineering applications, allowing individuals to determine the direction of an object’s acceleration based on its components.

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