Amp to Volt Calculator


About Amp to Volt Calculator (Formula)

The Amp to Volt Calculator is a tool used to convert electrical current in amperes (A) to electrical potential difference in volts (V) based on the given power.

The formula used to perform this conversion is:

Voltage (V) = Power (P) / Current (I)

In this formula:

  • Power (P) represents the electrical power in watts (W).
  • Current (I) refers to the electrical current flowing through the circuit, measured in amperes (A).

By utilizing the Amp to Volt Calculator, users can input the values of power and current, and the calculator will determine the corresponding voltage. This conversion is beneficial in various electrical applications, such as circuit analysis, electrical engineering, and electronics. The calculator simplifies the process of converting between amperes and volts, enabling users to obtain accurate results swiftly and efficiently.

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