Acoustic Foam Calculator


About Acoustic Foam Calculator (Formula)

The Acoustic Foam Calculator is a tool used to determine the number of acoustic foam panels required for a given room based on specific parameters. Acoustic foam panels are commonly used in soundproofing and acoustic treatment applications to reduce echo, reverberation, and unwanted noise.

The formula used by the Acoustic Foam Calculator is as follows:

Number of Acoustic Foam Panels = (Length × Width × Height) / (Panel Size / 66.66) × (Coverage Percentage / 100)

In this formula:

  • Length, Width, and Height represent the dimensions of the room in feet.
  • Panel Size refers to the area covered by a single acoustic foam panel in square feet.
  • Coverage Percentage indicates the desired coverage of the room in percentage.


To calculate the number of acoustic foam panels needed, the formula divides the total volume of the room (Length × Width × Height) by the effective area covered by each panel. The effective area is determined by dividing the Panel Size by 66.66, which is a conversion factor used to account for panel irregularities and overlaps.

The result is then multiplied by the Coverage Percentage, which represents the desired extent of coverage in the room. The final value provides an estimate of the number of acoustic foam panels required to achieve the desired acoustic treatment.

By using the Acoustic Foam Calculator, individuals can easily determine the appropriate quantity of panels needed to enhance the acoustics of a room, ensuring optimal sound quality and reducing unwanted noise reflections.

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