30 Day Yield Calculator



Calculating the 30-day yield is a crucial financial task, especially for investors seeking accurate insights into the performance of their investments. In this article, we’ll provide a user-friendly 30 Day Yield Calculator using HTML and JavaScript, ensuring precision and ease of use.

How to Use

To utilize the 30 Day Yield Calculator, enter the required values in the provided input fields and click the “Calculate” button. The result will be instantly displayed, offering you a quick assessment of the 30-day yield for your investment.


The formula for calculating the 30-day yield is as follows:


Suppose you invested $10,000, earned $500 in income, and experienced a $200 increase in fund value over 15 days. Using the formula:

The calculated 30-day yield would be the result displayed by the calculator.


Q1: How accurate is the 30-day yield calculated by this tool?
A1: The calculator uses the precise formula to ensure accurate 30-day yield calculations.

Q2: Can this calculator handle decimal inputs?
A2: Yes, the calculator is designed to handle both whole numbers and decimal inputs for accurate calculations.

Q3: What if I don’t have information for every input field?
A3: The calculator requires all input fields to be filled for accurate calculations. Missing data may lead to inaccurate results.


In the world of finance, having tools that provide quick and accurate insights is invaluable. The 30 Day Yield Calculator presented here offers a user-friendly solution for investors looking to assess the performance of their investments over a 30-day period. By utilizing the precise formula and a straightforward interface, this calculator ensures reliable results for informed decision-making.

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