30-day Sec Yield Calculator


About 30-day Sec Yield Calculator (Formula)

The 30-day SEC Yield Calculator is a tool used to estimate the SEC yield of an investment fund over a 30-day period. The SEC yield is a measure of the fund’s net investment income, taking into account interest, dividends, and expenses.

The formula used to calculate the 30-day SEC Yield is as follows:

SEC Yield = 2 * (((Interest and Dividends – Accrued Expenses) / (Average Number of Outstanding Shares * Maximum Price Per Share Current Day)) + 1) ^ 6 – 1

In this formula, the “Interest and Dividends” represents the total income generated by the investment fund from interest and dividends, measured in pounds (£). The “Accrued Expenses” indicates any accrued expenses associated with the fund, also measured in pounds (£). The “Average Number of Outstanding Shares” represents the average number of shares of the fund outstanding during the 30-day period. The “Maximum Price Per Share Current Day” refers to the highest price per share of the fund on the current day.

By applying this formula, the calculator estimates the 30-day SEC yield of the investment fund. The calculation considers the net investment income generated by the fund, adjusted for accrued expenses and the number of outstanding shares.

The 30-day SEC Yield Calculator simplifies this calculation by allowing users to input the relevant values. Upon clicking the “Calculate” button, the calculator applies the formula and displays the estimated SEC yield for the 30-day period.

It’s important to note that the SEC yield is an annualized measure, representing the hypothetical yield over a one-year period. By annualizing the yield, investors can compare the income potential of different investment funds more effectively.

Using the 30-day SEC Yield Calculator, investors and analysts can evaluate the income-generating potential of investment funds, aiding in investment decision-making and portfolio management.

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